Cinnamon Events offers you the possibility of discovering different countries through its gastronomy: Colombia, a walk between coffee plantations in search of the best beans. Scotland, to discover how their whiskey is made. France to see great Châteaux of wines and champagnes paired with great dishes or cheeses. Argentina an opportunity of preparing a legendary Argentinian “asado” at a Hacienda. Mexico, to taste its tequila and its countless moles. Navigate through the Douro in Portugal in search of the best wines of Porto. Italy, to learn how to make the best fresh pasta. Greece for its incredible Mediterranean cuisine. Let yourself be carried away by Guatemala’s colors and flavors. Indulge Morocco´s wonderful Tagine in the middle of the desert. Enjoy a mouthwatering ceviche in Peru or have Gallo Pinto for breakfast in Costa Rica… These are just a few examples of gastronomic destinations that we can offer you. We organize tailor-made trips so that you discover the gastronomic wonders of which ever country you choose. Consult us!