Cinnamon Events is a travel agency and event planner that specializes in the management of gastronomic events for enterprises. We organize gourmet corporate trips and events, in Spain and abroad.
We believe that corporate events are a powerful tool for enhancing sales, loyalty, motivation and knowledge, therefore we propose different ideas best suited for our clients. Every client is different, meaning that every trip or event is too, but our ultimate goal is to always create unique experiences.
How do we achieve it? We are very passionate about what we create and we love to do it. This is why everything we excel to achieve is very detailed oriented. Our strong dedication, flexibility, creativity, enthusiasm and experience are always applied in our pursuit for excellent customer satisfaction. All services we offer are top quality and very exclusive.
The gastronomic world offers endless possibilities and is extremely attractive in adapting to the specific needs of each client in that environment. Cinnamon Events brings gastronomy to the best companies, and creates the perfect framework that enables the merger between gourmet and business.
For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be pleased to help you.