At Cinnamon Events we support good causes

Médicos del Mundo is an independent humanitarian movement working to empower people to access healthcare, especially those who live in poverty, social exclusion or are victims of human crisis.
Present in Spain for more than 25 years, Médicos del Mundo develops projects here and in 21 other countries, with more than ten million beneficiaries.

Animales Sin Suerte (ASS) is a non-profit association that cares for the protection of animals, fights to defend animal rights, find them a home and carry a dignified life. All dogs and cats are abandoned animals without luck.

At Cinnamon Events we are very aware of problems celiacs face and their gluten-free food. It is an issue that we are very familiar with. Therefore, we are supporters of this type of food and we adapt without problem to the needs of our celiac clients or with gluten intolerance.