Mulled wine for the Christmas season

Have some mulled wine to keep you warm this winter.

As the Christmas season approaches, each day seems to get colder and colder. In many european countries, people warm up by having a glass of mulled red wine. A holiday classic!

However, mulled wine was not always the Christmas classic that it is today. The tradition dates back to the second century, when the Romans would drink this beverage to stay warm during the harsh winter. Due to the expansion of the Roman Empire, this beverage spread across Europe and eventually became associated with Christmas in the 1890´s.

Today,’mulled wine’, or ‘hot wine’ takes on various names around the globe. In Germany it is called Glühwein, in the Nordic countries glögg, in France Vin Chaud. This wine can even be found in countries such as Russia, Turkey, and Canada. Each version having its own twist.

In order to enjoy this delicious drink this holiday season, Cinnamon Events is going to give you an irresistible mulled wine recipe. It is the perfect complement to your holiday party or any Christmas dinners you have planned this season. Better yet, it only takes ten minutes to prepare, and thirty to cook.

Do not miss out on this yummy holiday tradition!